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If Roses are Red, Why Aren’t Redbuds?

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If Roses are Red, Why Aren’t Redbuds?

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I recently received a message from someone, with a question about Redbuds.  I get a lot of questions.  This question produced an interesting exchange.  At this time of year, it is not unusual to have inquiries about Redbuds. After all, they are a beautiful early spring flowering native tree, and they have been particularly showy this spring.


The inquirer proceeded to tell me there is something wrong with the Redbuds, all of the Redbuds.  This individual lived here in the seventies, and only recently moved back.  It was emphatically stated by the questioner, “that in ‘the seventies’ all of the Redbuds were red; now they’re all this pinkish-purple-lavender-mauvey color”. To which I replied, “They have always been that pinkish-purple-lavender-mauvey color, Redbuds have never been red.”


I speculated aloud that his color perception was perhaps ‘enhanced’ by outside chemical forces, widely available ‘in the seventies’. He then stated, that was not possible; he had a ‘sheltered’ upbringing.  Perhaps too sheltered?  The question was then asked: “So why do they call them Redbuds?” In my opinion, many heirloom-type flowering trees and plants are mis-described color-wise.  I believe it to be largely caused by colorblind or at least color-impaired nurserymen from the 1800’s; it’s too late to start calling them Magentabuds.


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We’re here to educate, and have a bit of fun along the way.  See and hear, the restless, live this Saturday morning on “The At Home Show”


David Bates


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