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Hey June

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Hey June

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Hey June, don’t make it bad. Take May’s swan song, and make it better.  Remember, we are working here in our gardens, not just fiddly-farting, then you can start, getting cooler again…


May is officially down for the count. As wonderful as the month of May was, you hate to see it go. In my line of work, weather dictates everything you do and how well you do it. Actually, weather has quite a pull on us all. To this point, we've had seasonably warm temperatures and sufficient rainfall. The forecast ahead does not look particularly on the hot side and if the meteorologists are correct, we have excellent opportunity for more rain showers.


For all of us gardeners, the rainfall is decidedly beneficial. At least it is for those of us, who enjoy taking a break from daily watering. Proper watering is one of the keys to success in gardening. Fortunately, most have a pretty good handle on what the watering needs are in and around their landscape. Strangely however, the most common question asked is: “Is it too late to plant?" When I am able to restrain myself from giving an exact ‘time of day’ answer to the question, I try to frame the answer, "When it's too late to water." That is to say, it really is never too late to plant.


With as much planting that has transpired this spring, it is certainly beneficial, and appreciated, to seemingly have the weather on our side. We'll take every break we can get. As difficult as winter was on many gardens, it's nice to see the weather working with us to help keep things growing productively. There is no time like the present to complete your landscape project; we have been bringing in new items for you all week!


In addition to the ginormous selection we have of EVERYTHING for your garden, we have something extra special for you.  Due to their late arrival, we have too many Weeks Roses on hand; you save 50%; CLICK HEREwhile supplies last!


David Bates


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