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Helter Swelter Time Shift

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Helter Swelter Time Shift

Two-day only, ‘Helter Swelter Sale’; June 30 – July 1…15% of EVERYTHING*! We will be CLOSED July 2-4; reopen July 5, 9am.


As we sail out of June and into July, I have been reflecting on the fact that June is one of our ‘short’ months.  Along with April, September, November…and February, June occupies one of the five ‘short’ slots on the calendar.  We need those short months.  Were it not for them, our year would get all screwed up, not all at once, mind you, but it would happen over the passage of time. 


If all of the months had 31 days, our seasons would look quite different in just a few years.  In just five years, we would already be a full 30-day month out of sync.  By the end of July 2028, we would have just arrived at “Memorial Day”  weekend, but would be well into summer, seasonally speaking.  If fifteen years were to pass, with every month having a 31-day calendar, we would be a full season out of phase.  March 20, 2038 would be the first day of summer.


In the span of only 61 years, we would come full circle and have effectively missed an entire year.  It might come in handy.  It could make you feel a bit better being a year younger than you actually are.  It would be interesting having birthdays in different seasons over your life.  Personally, I would enjoy having a birthday in the fall for a few years, rather than always in the spring. Obviously, the heat has already gotten to me! Perhaps this will provide a cooling thought:


We’ve been spared from the heat… until now.  Hopefully the Helter Swelter, departs on schedule, beginning Sunday, just in time for Independence Day weekend festivities!  In an attempt to make the sizzling end of June, and beginning of July more bearable, we are offering, for two-days-only, 15% off EVERYTHING*!  That’s right, get 15% off EVERYTHING*, Friday June 30 and Saturday July 1, 2023. 


David Bates


*in-store purchases only; gift cards & deliveries: excluded


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