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Hello Dad, Goodbye Spring

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Hello Dad, Goodbye Spring

Week-long deals; Our, “Hello Dad, Goodbye Spring”, Sale! 50% off bagged EarthMix® Veragra™, selected herbs, and 7gal Schip Laurel!  *in store only


As the official beginning of summer arrives next week, so do a few changes around the nursery.  Beginning Monday June 19th, our business hours will be 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday, Closed on Sundays beginning June 25th. We look forward to having a bit more time off during the long days of summer; we also look forward to keeping your thoughts mindfully on the garden, and keeping it looking its best.


Father’s Day is the time when I try to  remind conifer lovers to spray/treat for bagworms and spider mites.   For those persons wanting to take the most organic and earth/applicator-friendly approach, I suggest Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew.   Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew contains Spinosad®, a trusted organic chemical used extensively in organic fruit production; does a good job on both spider mites and bagworms…as long as you apply now.  Both pests are currently either in juvenile, and/or low infestation stage, but that will change quickly.  Failure to act fast will likely result in needing to a take more aggressive approach by using systemic insect controls or other contact chemical sprays. 


Now for the deal in honor of all Dad’s: 50% off bagged EarthMix® Veragra™, 50% off selected herbs, and 50% off 7gal Schip Laurel (it’s true)! EarthMix® Veragra™ is 100% pure worm castings, the gold standard of organic soil amendments.  Similar products sell online for $30 or more; at 50% off, it’s only $8.50 per bag! This deal will not be repeated; it’s time to stock up!  This is also the end of:  FREE vegetable plants…no limit; first come, first served! This is our way of saying thanks for being a BatesRewards member!


Check out Ben Trest’s webinar on Shade trees, from Wednesday.  Don’t forget to write down your gardening inquiries and submit them here.  We answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


Let Dad know how special he is…or just let him out, he deserves it!


David Bates


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