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Flash Freeze

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Flash Freeze

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It came, and it went.  From seventy to seventeen.  From rain to snow.  From fall to winter, then back to fall.  Forty-eight hours of old man winter.  A little reminder of who is in charge…and guess what, it isn’t us!  Every now and again, Mother Nature lets the “old man” have his way, and you see how he treats us!  Fortunately, this flash freeze was brief.  Is this a forewarning for the season ahead?  That depends on who you ask.


I was presented evidence of a hard winter by one of my employees last week. It was a solid black wooly worm.  I have no idea if that is an accurate indication of frigid conditions in the coming season or not.  He lives in Robertson county.  He is also a farmer.  So, I guess he should know these things.  I know he raises chickens and hogs.  As it turns out, those two animals are said to be an indicator of the signs of extreme cold.


If chickens stand out in the pouring rain, it will be a brutal winter; if hogs gather sticks, look out for extreme cold ahead.  I have tried to figure out the connection between the behaviors of these two barnyard companions, and what winter will do.  The best I can figure is that if a chicken stands in the rain, it is likely evidence of not-too-keen intellect.  Here’s my prediction: those chickens are not long for this world.


Secondly, stick gathering hogs are easily explained. I mean, what do you do with all that spare time hanging around the pork pen? You gather sticks, if you have them.  What else would they congregate?  Their mud seems to stay gathered.  Their long-term life expectancy is not all that great either, so consider the source.


The flash freeze is behind us.  Prime planting season is still going on.  Through Thursday November 21, 2019 you will receive a free bag of EarthMix® Garden with every $50 you spend, even on specially marked pottery, they’re still 50% off!


David Bates


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