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December Jitters, and the First of the Last

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December Jitters, and the First of the Last

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It has been said that time flies when you’re having fun.  I must be having a blast, because I just looked over at the calendar and noticed something inexplicable regarding Saturday: It’s the first of the last.  That is to say, Saturday is the first day of the last month. 


I can’t wrap my feeble mind around it.  December just came out of nowhere.  I never saw it coming: well, not until a few minutes ago.  Regardless of that fact, I have now spent several moments moving into acceptance of this most recent passage of time.  I am fully aware that time will continue to pass whether I am okay with the velocity of that passage, or not.  I just get a little freaked out by it all sometimes.


The primary reason I get the ‘December Jitters’ has nothing to do with any withdrawal reaction from foreign substances.  It is directly related to the knowledge of the fact that it is time for me to take a break from thinking about myself, and try to think of others. It is nervously unfamiliar territory…


Now, I do look forward to the giving part of the season. We all have a month of distraction ahead of us; I’m hoping you enjoy your time with family and friends.  Unfortunately it seems, that enjoyment will make the time go quickly, dang it!


Make the best of your gardening and gift giving opportunities now. Although some rain is in the forecast, in early December, it’s better than snow.  If you need/want to dig in the dirt we promise to make it worth your while.  We have extended our 25% off sale to include EVERYTHING*!  The asterisk does indicate a need to qualify what EVERYTHING* means: Discounts do not apply to gift cards or deliveries*.


EVERYTHING does include: wreathes, garland, poinsettias (while supplies last) as well as all bagged and bulk soils and mulches.  Of course it also includes all plants, trees, shrubs etc.…


Enjoy December outdoors! 


David Bates


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