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December First

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December First

20% off ALL* plants, plus ALL bagged EarthMix® products 20% off!


Today is the last first of the month for this year.  Yesterday was the next-to-last, last of the month for 2022.  We are now 335 days into this trip around the sun.  I know you already knew those things; just thought I’d remind you. It may be that you never took the time to calculate just how many miles we earthlings travel in a year. According to my calculations, that distance is 585,600,000 miles. 


So exactly what does this have to do with gardening? Well, nothing.  But perhaps it has made you think, perhaps other questions have formed as a result.  If those questions happen to be plant-related, (not planet-related), we’re glad to help! We answer your questions (click here) on, “The At Home Show” live, Saturdays at 8a.


It is time to talk about rain.  We got some.  I tracked mud into the house.  I forgot that mud happens when it rains…it’s been a while.  Another phenomenon of rain is: softer soil.  That happens just after the mud stage.  Softer soil is extremely beneficial when digging holes in the ground.   Therefore, it is logical to assume that it is an excellent time to plant pretty much everything.


It just so happens that pretty much everything is exactly what we have.  Everything you could wish to plant* in the fall is available: 20% off!  We are offering 20% off all* plants sale and expanding it to include all bagged EarthMix® products, also 20% off.  That makes it a great time to save while the digging is easy and the selection is extensive!  Trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, conifers, broadleaf evergreens, perennials, magnolias, arborvitae and every different EarthMix® bagged product we sell are all 20% off!


Bring the family and have your photo made with Santa 10a-1p this Saturday, in the Holiday Photo Booth, in our new ‘Batestrium’!


December First Greetings,


David Bates

*excluding: Japanese maples, tropical house plants; in-store purchases only.

If you’re looking for a way to help someone this holiday season, I ask that you consider my friend Doug…db


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