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Change is Inevitable

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Change is Inevitable

Open Saturdays 10a – 2p; website updates this weekend!


There are upcoming changes at Bates Nursery.  They are the kind of changes we all struggle with.  Technology.  This computerized reality we live in, requires near constant adaptation. A new phone doesn’t stay new very long. About the time I think I have a piece of software mastered, it gets updated, or worse, becomes obsolete.  Whether that obsolescence is planned or time simply catches up, nothing lasts forever…especially our devices.  It’s been seven years since we last upgraded our point-of-sale software.  The software version, prior to that, lasted fifteen years.  There is no getting around: Change Is Inevitable.


While our staff has had many a restless day (and night) preparing for these ‘upgrades’, many of the changes we are incurring will not likely be obvious to you.  Our point-of-sale software is changing from being hosted here at the nursery, on our own server, to a ‘cloud’ based program.  That change, requires us to make changes to our webstore.


Therefore, we are migrating our online shop to a new platform. The online shop will be down Saturday afternoon from 2PM, through Monday morning 9AM. You will be able to peruse the website during this time, however, no online purchases will be able to be processed.


For those registered on our website, you will be receiving an additional email, detailing how to reset your password.  If you are not registered on our site, there will be no changes required on your part.  Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve the shopping experience.


With all the changes going on, I don’t want to forget to remind you to check out this week’s Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp episodes.  Reserve your spots for the live broadcasts on the BNBBC. Be prepared to ask questions! Friday noon, Vanessa Lang will discuss, “Indoor Fern Care”.  February arrives with Austin Lohin talking about “General Propagation: Seeds, Bulbs and Tubers”.  You definitely don’t want to miss Ben Trest’s, “Shrubs for Small Spaces” that was broadcast earlier this week.


Prepare for February!


David Bates


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