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Being Dad

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Being Dad

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There are a lot of important roles to play in life; there are many worthwhile endeavors.  Being Dad is certainly one of them.  Being Dad starts as a contributor to conception; some never ascend beyond that beginning.  Being Dad is a life changing experience.  Being Dad is like turning a large ship at sea, often without the knowledge that a turn is in process.  Being Dadis about overcoming the resistance of youth; frequently, the most formidable opposing adolescent force, is overcoming our own. 


Being Dad is being present, and coming to grips with the knowledge that everything you say and do is being scrutinized and passed through the filter of children. Being Dad is viewing that reflection of yourself, and either being okay with it, or become willing to change; perhaps life’s most difficult trait to acquire.


Being Dad is the ability to exist between the mountaintop and the valley. The connecting trail between those locations is often filled with terrifying twists and tumultuous turns, but being Dad means keeping your eyes on the road, and staying the course. Being Dad is not a popularity contest.


Being Dad requires flexibility but firmness, remaining calm in the tempest, engaged without rage: there are times, when only a quiet, steady voice can be heard.  Being Dad is the unconditional embrace of love, and letting go of expectations. Being Dad is one of the wonders of life; I’m grateful I didn’t miss my opportunity!


Whether you’re a dad, or thinking of him, we have a few things to suggest for his gardening desires.  This just in: Dads love toolsClick here to peruse our gardening tools.  Still stumped?  Bates gift cards come in all sizes!  We are offering vegetables at 50% off, this final week; after Thursday June 24, the remaining veggies will be donated to public housing community gardens.  EarthMix® Garden™, 20L bags, extended one final week at 30% off!


This is our last Sunday open until fall!

David Bates


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