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Autumn Approaching

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Autumn Approaching

Now OPEN Sundays, Noon-4p! Daily truckloads of ‘everything autumn’ arriving!


As the truckloads of trees and shrubs arrive, the reality of autumn becomes more apparent.  Cooling temperatures and wonderful rainfall make for planting conditions that cannot be improved upon.  It’s true it’s only early September, but in many ways it feels more like October.  The ever-increasing selection we have only reinforces that October sensation.


It would seem we are in for an extended fall planting season.  Extended on the front-end.  That is a curious phenomenon.  The number of requests we have received for cool season vegetables and flowering plants is a strong indication.  We have brought in a great selection of fall gardening favorites, ready to enhance (or re-do) your container, square-foot, or conventional garden plot.


While many are anxious to plant early vegetables in the spring, fall is the better time.   We are still having warm weather, but as it continues to cool, the lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, mustard and more continue to get better.  This is prime time for digging in the dirt…or as we prefer to say, “play in the dirt”. 


We have received shipments from every major supplier this week.  We have also received our shipments of container grown trees.  The tree sale over the past month did create the much-needed room for these beautiful specimens.  Our selection now has the diversity of size and selection you expect to see when looking for fall tree plantings.


Fall plantings create many gardening questions. Ask your gardening questions here; we’ll get your questions answered on, “The At Home Show”, Live, every Saturday morning at 8; or on your schedule, along with our new ‘audio only’, pared down podcast version on YouTube Music; our entertaining experts provide a lively and informative weekly stream of gardening fun!  We invite you to tune in.


Please excuse our ‘mess’ as we complete our re-vamping of our parking facilities; we believe it will be worthwhile, and we appreciate your patience while we put the finishing touches on a greatly improved parking experience.  It is long overdue!


David Bates


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