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At This Moment

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At This Moment

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Let me say this right from the start:  I have no understanding of moderation.  Let me re-phrase that; I understand the concept, but I seem to have no ability to apply it to myself. I have often heard the adage: “All things in moderation”.  It sounds like a great thought.  I cannot wrap my brain around it.  It seems to suggest that everyday things we do, can be done with a degree of variability.  Like a dimmer switch on a light, or a fan rheostat, there are a near infinite number of settings between maximum and none.


I did not receive a genetic rheostat control system.  I simply have a great number of on/off switches.  Do it or don’t do it. That is the way my brain processes every decision regarding myself and some action resulting from that thought process.  Let’s take ice cream, for instance.  Perhapsyou can relate to that.  Several years ago, I discovered Costco’s Kirkland Vanilla ice cream.  Seems benign enough.  It doesn’t have exotic ingredients in it.  It’s very vanilla.  They sell it in a double half-gallon container package.  I have temporary onset insomnia when it is in the house.  I can’t sleep for more than two hours until it’s gone.  It’s my job to make sure it is eaten.  I have proven to be very proficient at that task.


I haven’t eaten ice cream in nearly six years. Currently, the switch for that is in the ‘off’ position.  Like most other decisions in life, it is as big of a deal as I make it.  Today I’m okay without that frozen confection. Today is the only day that matters at this moment.


At this moment, your thoughts may be miles away from the garden.  I will attempt to lure you towards it.  As a BatesRewards member, we are offering you 25% off of your entire purchase: Everything* through August 15, 2019. Bring photos.  Have iced bottled water on us.  August weather is really quite good, at this moment.


David Bates


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