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A Visit from the Doctor

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A Visit from the Doctor

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I’m old enough to remember when it was possible to have a doctor actually make a “house-call”.  In case you are fuzzy on exactly what a “house-call” entails, it means the doctor actually comes to your house.  That’s crazy, right?  But it’s true!  I can remember as a child when Dr. Norman Cassell, our pediatrician, actually came to our house when we all had the flu.  I was too young, and too ill, to be able to grasp the significance at the time. I know my parents were grateful to get the instruction on what to do about our condition, and what treatment we needed to receive, in our home.


While I’m sure that some doctors, somewhere in the world, still make house calls, you would be hard pressed to find one locally.  That is where technology plays a significant role today.  Many of us have the ability to receive medical help through our tablets, phones and computers.  This remote ability to diagnose and educate us makes the crazy world we all live in a little less so.  It’s not perfect, but it helps.


This past Saturday morning on, “The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”, we were pleased to have a visit from the doctor, albeit virtual.   But not just any doctor: Dr. Alan Windham from the University of Tennessee, and Ellington Agricultural Center, department of ornamental and turf plant pathology was our guest.  He discussed plant issues you need be familiar with, as an informed gardener.


By clicking here, you can go directly to the “house-call” from Dr. Windham on last Saturday’s program.


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David Bates


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