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A Treemendous Ending

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A Treemendous Ending

Final week, all* deciduous trees and EarthMix® Landscape™ bags, 33% off!


The end of the year is fast approaching.  For many, that can’t come soon enough.  While I won’t pretend that this life event called “2020” has had no effect on me, and I certainly don’t want to go back and re-live it, I am relatively ok with it. I don’t wish to hasten the arrival of 2021.  I’m still working on 2020, and there’s much to do. 


I think that the worst curse that could be put on anyone would be the knowledge of future events.  I’m not talking about a flash epiphany of a moment just ahead; I’m talking full knowledge, months or years in advance. Can you imagine this time last year, having the foreknowledge of what we’ve all been through?  Apart from the opportunity to discreetly stockpile toilet tissue pre-pandemic, that knowledge for me would have been completely disastrous.  I have no confidence in my ability to act in an appropriate fashion.  I’m not sure any of us could. 


There is a form of future telling that I find acceptable and reasonable.  That vision is not based on channeling my inner Nostradamus.  It is more about statistical probability.  My dear bride, Renee and I nursed a 120-year-old sugar maple, in decline, at our home; we desperately wanted to save it.  Ultimately, reality became clear: The tree was going to come down at some time.  We made the difficult decision to do that on our schedule, rather than Mother Nature’s.  We could see the future.


We planted a new tree nearby, with the full knowledge it will never attain the size of its predecessor, in our lives.  Even a smaller tree is better than no tree.  The time for action is now.  A Treemendous Ending to our over month-long tree sale is now approaching.  Through Thursday December 10, 2020, all* deciduous trees, and EarthMix® Landscape™ bags, are 33% off! Hurry!


The At Home Show” is available anytime; last week we featured Poinsettias.  We air live: 8am Saturdays.


David Bates


*excluding Japanese maples; in-store only




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