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A Mild Beginning

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A Mild Beginning

Our selection is extensive, even in winter…


To this point, January, and our new year, have been pretty pleasant.  Earlier this week, it was downright wonderful.  But alas, temperatures approaching 70 degrees simply cannot last (and should not last) this time of year.  While it certainly feels wonderful, our plants can quickly get sent into a state of seasonal confusion.  We need to have high temperatures only in the forties and fifties; for the foreseeable future, that is what is in store.


Already some flowering plants are trying to swell their buds.  There are signs in the city, in particular, where pavement and concrete store extra energy, that some Mt. Fuji cherry trees have begun to show some color.  Fortunately, there is not much of this happening at this point.  Should you have concerns about these occurrences?  What does it mean if the daffodils begin to push?  If crocus, flowering quince, and forsythia begin to flower soon, will all be lost? 


No, and life will go on even if those flowers are lost.  Increasingly, we seem to be beginning the years on a somewhat milder note only to have February rear its ugly head.  I have no idea or insight as to whether that will be the case this year, but I say get out and enjoy these relatively mild winter days.  Of course we’d love to have you come out for a visit, but being closed on weekends this time of year makes that difficult for many.  There are a great many gardening endeavors that are well suited for the season.


If you have mature trees in your yard, you can probably stay busy just picking up sticks.  The winter winds bring down quite a lot of dead wood from our trees.  You might be inclined to simply put those curbside for pickup.  Grinding and composing is another option.  Using the tree pit, breaking out the marshmallows and hot chocolate, is always an excellent option on a clear starry winter’s night.  After all, Mother Nature provides the fuel for free.  Get out and enjoy!


David Bates


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