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A Magnificent Flood

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A Magnificent Flood

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A Flood always makes an impact.  A Flood can change the course of our lives; it can be eye opening.  The Flood that I’m referring to has nothing to do with water, or there being too much of it.  This force of nature to which I refer, walked among us, and she was magnificent: Beth Flood.


I first came to know Beth in the late seventies.  She began working for my Dad, and that was no small feat.  He was difficult and demanding.  Beth was no shrinking violet, oh contraire.  As a landscape designer, Dad would often “take Beth to task” regarding her approach.  He wasn’t sure ‘a woman’ could handle the job.


Beth might not have always been right, but she was never uncertain.   No matter the line of questioning, Beth was always well prepared to present the facts and defend her position.  She would have made a hell of a trial lawyer.  After about a decade, she’d had enough of Earl, and went to work elsewhere.


Beth was an avid gardener. She was also an avid gardening student. She had a thirst for, and continued to consume, vast volumes of texts about plants, especially perennials.  In the mid-nineties, I had the great fortune, to have my dear friend Beth, back at the nursery.  The perennial plant explosion was about to occur.


Through the groundwork laid by Beth, we were forever transformed from a ‘dabbler’ in perennials, to a major resource of perennial information and products. Through her tireless and thorough explanations of proper use and care, Beth gave all in earshot, valuable gardening expertise.  Her unique blend of demonstrative linguistic command, with eloquence, always attracted crowds.  Everyone knew, she knew what she was talking about.


This past week, the gardening gods called. Beth was ready to answer. What surely is our loss; that pain is attenuated by the life force, she shared with so many. She was the big sister I never had.  She was an unwavering friend. I will always love her. She was, A Magnificent Flood.


David Bates


  1. Tyler Blankenship Tyler Blankenship

    Hi Sandy, you can view all previously recorded webinars by visiting the "Blogs" tab on our home page and selecting "Bates Nursery Botanical Bootcamp Webinar Archive" Here's the link for your convenience! https://www.batesnursery.com/blogs/bates-nursery-botanical-bootcamp-webinar-archive/

  2. Sandy Ritter Sandy Ritter

    I really enjoyed the roses webinar. How do I get your webinars that were recorded in the past?

  3. Betty Claxton Betty Claxton

    I loved getting plant advice from Beth. She was a delight. Her own yard was always so beautiful. I know you will miss her, David.

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