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A Dry Whine

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I offer my sincere apology. The following is a lament over the current dry spell; it may sound more like a grumble… As a community deeply connected to the rhythms of the weather, we all feel the yearning for a generous downpour. Although many, perhaps most of us, will/have welcome(d) between .25 and .5 inches of rainfall during the Thursday night and Friday morning hours, let’s face the reality: it's only enough to settle the dust.


Even with more 'seasonable' daytime high temperatures, which will retard the evaporation rate, our thirsty soil will scarcely have time to sip this meager offering before it's gone—whisked away by the parched surface. Nevertheless, it's essential to remember our good fortune thus far. This year, generous skies have already blessed us with more than our average annual rainfall, a boon for our groundwater reserves. But let us not forget, while the earth beneath stands in good stead, our gardens, particularly the tender new plantings, are in need of our care.


It's not the time to 'snooze' on the well-being of your established green companions either. Depending on where you are set in our region, you may find yourself in varying degrees of drought, as per the National Drought Monitor. From, the 'Moderate Drought' status in the north of middle Tennessee/eastern Kentucky to the more 'Severe' to 'Extreme' conditions as you head towards Alabama; vigilance is vital.


Successful gardening hinges on maintaining mindfulness regarding soil moisture. At Bates Nursery, our commitment to you grows beyond plants and soil. We're here to provide you with the information you need to keep your garden flourishing.


Join us this Saturday morning for "Gardening Inside Out," where we will delve into the essentials of maximizing your water resources and strategies for maintaining verdant vitality in your garden. And as always, we welcome your inquiries across our platforms—Instagram, Facebook, and "The Garden Portal."


Let's turn my 'dry whine' into a hopeful toast—to resilience, to resourcefulness, and to the gardening beauty we cultivate together!


David Bates


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