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Winter Garden Prep

Winter Garden Prep

Just because your garden is dormant doesn't mean there isn't work to do! Kick off the new year with this informative session led by Tyler Blankenship about what you can be doing this winter to prepare your garden for the spring.





Additional Resources:

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre! by Carleen Madigan

Soil Testing Kits

Tennessee Home Fruit & Vegetable Calendar

Winter Propagation Techniques

DeMystifying Fertilizer

Native Species

For the Birds: Planting to Attract Wildlife


Products Mentioned in this Webinar:



Garden Rake

Digging Fork

Oscillating Hoe/Hula Hoe/Stirrup Hoe/Loop Hoe/Scuffle Hoe/Dutch Hoe

Soil Probe


Soils, Composts & Amendments:

EarthMix® Supernatural™ Compost

EarthMix® Magic™ Mushroom Compost

EarthMix® Garden™ Premium Topsoil Blend

EarthMix® Landscape™ Premium Soil Amendment

EarthMix® pFines™ Pine Fines


Wheat Straw

Pine Straw

Hardwood Mulch

Cedar Mulch (Good for pathways)


Garden Lime

Bone Meal

Rock Phosphate


Season Extension/Plant Protection:

Hot Caps

Grow Tunnel


Drainage/Water Solutions

Rain Barrels (Subsidized by Metro Nashville)





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