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How to Create Beautiful Fall Container Gardens

How to Create Beautiful Fall Container Gardens

Melissa McKay, Annual Greenhouse Manager at Bates Nursery & Garden Center Nashville, leads this webinar on the basics of creating stunning fall container gardens. She offers tips and tricks to keep your potted arrangements looking healthy all season long, as well as composition suggestions. 




Supplies needed for potted gardens:

A frost-proof container (if planting outdoors) with a drainage hole in the bottom.


A coffee filter-place a coffee filter over the drainage hole so that soil doesn’t leach out.


If planting a big planter, place milk cartons or foam blocks on the bottom of the planter. Plants need about 12’ for their roots, so drop the filler cartons in the bottom of the container and fill the soil on top.


EarthMix Proganix-O is formulated specifically for outdoor containers, and has added nutrients for plant health. It also has components like expanded shale and vermiculite that help with drainage.


Pro tip: 

Plant spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths under your fall planting for a container garden that spans the season!



Arrangement Inspiration:

Formal Fall Arrangement: 

Spiral Juniper

4 Algerian Ivy

9 white pansies




Autumn Color Fall Arrangement:

Autumn Fern

Amber Lady Heuchera

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Everillo carex

2 Algerian Ivy



Fiery Fall Arrangement:

Golden Mop


Scarlet Bor Kale

Red Rooster carex

Swiss Chard

6 Solar Flare pansies




Perennial Fall Arrangement:


Autumn Fern

Stainless Steel heuchera







Classic Fall Arrangement:

Emerald arb

Flirt Nandina

Caramel heuchera

Mint Ivy



Colorful Fall Arrangement

2 coral bark Japanese Maples

Blue pacific juniper

Ascot rainbow

Blue zinger carex

Plum pudding heuchera

Medusa ornamental pepper

4 red w/ blotch pansies

Creeping Jenny



Simple & Elegant Fall Arrangement


White kale


2 6P Beaconsfield pansies

Algerian Ivy




Fragrant Fall Arrangement:

Alberta Spruce

Coral Bark Japanese Maple


Frosted Violet Heuchera


6P White Wave pansy

4 delft blue violas

2 4P thyme




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